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In the previous article, I have shared about “how to teach a kid to write a letter?”. I hope the article and worksheets pdf would be helpful for you in teaching the alphabet to the kids. 

You might have a question “What to teach after teaching the alphabets?” When your child recognizes the letter, you can play with the alphabet using the nursey English worksheets.

You can teach the alphabet using our Alphabet Chart Worksheets pdf. I always recommend you teach the sounds of the letter along with their name. So, when you teach the letter I, you teach them as “the letter I sounds /E/   /E/”.

Class Nursery English Worksheets 

Nursery class english worksheet
English Worksheets for Kindergarten

The class nursery English worksheets include

  • Missing Letter Worksheet (Capital Letters)
  • Missing Letter Worksheet (Small Letters)
  • Letter Matching Worksheet
  • Before Letter Worksheet
  • After Letter Worksheet
  • Rearrange the letters in a correct order
  • Find the beginning letter in a Word worksheet

These English worksheets for the nursery children are incredibly fun to learn the alphabet. You can give ample practice using these English worksheets.

The letter matching worksheet helps to identify the letters and helps to associate the uppercase letters with the lower-case letters.

The before, after letter, and missing letter worksheets help to know the sequence of the letters. The kid will have a better understanding in alphabetical order.

Show the picture and ask the child to tell the beginning letter of the object in the picture. For eg: Show the picture of the elephant and ask them the first letter.

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Since you would have taught the sounds along with the alphabet. Your child can easily find the beginning letter of the word. The beginning letter in a Word worksheet helps in sound and letter association.

Click on the image below to download the nursery English worksheets pdf for free.

missing letter worksheet
Missing Letter (Small Letter)

Letter Matching worksheet
Letter Matching worksheet

before letter worksheet
Before Letter Worksheet
rearrange the letters
Rearrange the letters

Beginning letter in a word
Beginning letter in a word

Final Note

I hope "Nursery Class English Worksheets " assist you in teaching the preschoolers.  For more free worksheets check our new website "Click Now!". 'Momovator' is all about parenting, education, health, and fitness.

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