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5+ Printable ABCD chart pdf free download 

You can download the upper-case alphabet chart, lower-case alphabet chart, and upper and lowercase alphabet abc chart printable free download. Download the free ABCD chart pdf and teach the alphabet at home. The child loves the learn-and-play method. So that, the child can remember the names of the alphabet and the sequence of the alphabet. Start downloading the alphabet a for apple b for ball chart pdf using the below download link. 

abcd chart pdf download @momovators


An alphabet ABC chart printable is a great tool to teach the alphabet to pre-schoolers or kindergarten children. Now, with these printable ABC learning charts, you can teach the child to recognize the letters and the sounds of the letters. It is better to start teaching the sounds of the letters along with the letter name. Sing the song to the tune of the 'A for apple, B for ball' chart, and download the PDF

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For Example: If you teach the letter Aa, you teach as “this is the letter A and it says ‘/a/’.’/ a’ ‘/a/’ ‘/a/’ apple.

Teaching the letter name and the letter sounds parallel will help the kids to recognize and read the words in a book. I have posted about the phonics introduction, so kindly check the post for the sounds of the alphabet, blending, segmentation, magic e, and tricky words.

4 ways to use ABCD chart pdf free


Letter Recognition and sounds

You can use these ABC alphabet charts to teach the letter names along with their sounds. It is immensely helpful for pre-schoolers and KG Kids. You can sing alphabet rhymes using these charts by pointing out the letters you sing. It improves eye and hand coordination.


Letter Hunt

It is a fun game to play with the ABCD chart. You say the letter’s sound and the kid needs to find the letter of that sound. For Example: If you say the sound ‘/a/’ then the students need to find the letter Aa. Searching for a letter with the help of its sound.


Missing Letter

It is another interesting game to learn the alphabet in a sequence. Place plain paper above any letters and ask the kids to tell the missing letters. Use these ABCD chart download free for this activity.


Letter Match

The letter match is a simple game for the kids. You write all the letters on a separate paper. Make sure that there must be one letter written on a piece of paper. If you have flashcards or alphabet charts, you can make use of them also. Now, tell the kids to match the given letter to the letter in the alphabet chart.

ABC chart printable free download   – Upper/Lower case letter with Pictures



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ABC chart printable download for free – Upper case letter



abc chart printable free download
Alphabet Chart



                                    Download Now

ABC chart printable pdf free– Lowercase letter


ABC learning chart
Alphabet Chart



                            Download Now - 1 Click Download


ABC chart printable pdf free – Upper- and Lower-case letter



abc chart printable free download
A a to Z z learning Chart



                        Download Now - Click Here



Final Note


I hope the abcd chart pdf helps you to teach the alphabet and its sound. Have fun teaching and learning. Download the ABC chart pdf for free and enjoy teaching your little scholars. If you need a customized learning chart, do e-mail us or comment below. ‘Momovators’ is all about parenting, education, health, and fitness.







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