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Updated Class 1 Maths Syllabus 2024-2025

CBSE revised the Class 1 Math Syllabus of the year 2024-2025. It covers everything from basic number system to addition  and data handling. In this post, you will find the updated month-by-month Class 1 Math Syllabus for the current academic year 2024-2025. 

Download link is at the bottom of the post. Click on the download link to access the free Grade 1 Maths Syllabus PDF.

Revised CBSE curriculum Covers:

Numbers: They'll master numbers from 0 to 100, learning all about number name, one more than, one less than,  before, after, between, greater than, and less than. They'll learn through ordering numbers and writing them out.

Adding and Subtracting:  They'll learn both ways (horizontal and vertical), using a number line, and even solving fun story problems. Plus, they'll practice counting backwards from 100 -1 and skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s.

Money: They'll learn all about different coins and notes.

Shapes and Measurements : In class 1, they explore only 2D shapes such as square, oval, circle, rectangle, triangle. They will also understand how to measure things like length, weight, and how much something can hold.

Telling Time: Reading time on an analog clock and writing the time in 2 ways such as 11:00 a.m / 11 o'clock. They'll also learn about the days of the week and months of the year.

Data Handling: Children will learn how to collect information from the pictographs , organize it, and interpret it.

Problem Solving: They'll tackle mixed addition and subtraction problems, including fun story sums, and mental sums.

I hope the revamped curriculum sounds engaging and covers a wide range of skills to make your child a confident math learner!
AprilNumber Concepts (1-30)Serial Counting Number names Before/After/Between number Biggest/Smallest/ comparing number Ascending/Descending One More than One Less than
May/ JuneNumber Concepts (0-50) Place value - Ones and Tens Expanded Notation Introduction of Abacus Vocabulary Sums/ Mental Math
AugustNumber Concepts (0-90) Addition Number concepts Mental math Horizontal addition - single digit and double digit Vertical addition- single/ double digit

class 1 math syllabus of the year 2024 to 2025 @momovators

SeptemberAddition Skip CountingAddition Word Problem Skip Counting by 5's and 10's Complete the pattern (skip counting) Mental math( Number system, Addition, and Skip Counting)
OctoberNumber Concept (0-100) Money ShapesConcept of currency Shapes - Curved line and Straight line Basic 2D shapes
NovemberMeasurement SubtractionMeasurement - Length, Weight, Capacity Backward Counting Number line Horizontal and Vertical Subtraction (single/double digit)

Math Syllabus from September to November


1 class maths  syllabus @momovators
December/JanuarySubtraction Time and CalendarSubtraction Word problem Reading to o’clock Writing time in 2 ways Use of calendar - name of the week/month
FebruaryData Handling Number Concepts Pictograph Table presentation Mental math Addition and Subtraction mixed story sums

Math Syllabus from December to February


class 1 syllabus math

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