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Unlocking Class 1 English grammar syllabus

Are you planning to create home-based lesson plans for teaching English grammar to first graders? In this post, you will find the updated month-by-month English grammar Syllabus for the current academic year 2024-2025.  This monthly syllabus was created based on CBSE NCERT guidelines. 

The download link for the PDF is at the bottom of the post.

CBSE Term 1 English Grammar Syllabus Grade 1

MonthTopicCreative Writing
AprilIntroduction of articles ‘a’ and ‘an’Picture Comprehension
May/ June Punctuation - Use of capital letters, full stops, and question marksReading Comprehension
AugustNaming word (Noun) One and Many (Singular and Plural nouns)Picture Composition (Noun) Aural Comprehension
SeptemberPronoun - I, you, he, she, his, her Sentence writing - Myself Picture Composition
OctoberDescribing words (Adjectives) Opposite wordsSentence Writing - My Best Friend Reading Comprehension

1st class English Grammar Syllabus CBSE - Term 2

MonthTopicCreative Writing
NovemberPrepositions This/That/These/ThoseSentence Writing - A visit to the park Aural/Reading comprehension
December/ JanuaryThis is/ That is/ These are/ Those are Use of is/areSentence Writing - A visit to the supermarket Picture Composition
FebruaryUse of was/were/has/haveSentence Writing - My family Aural Comprehension
MarchDoing words (Verbs)Sentence Writing - My favourite animal Picture/ Reading comprehension (doing words)

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