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When the child knows the alphabet and its sounds orally. The next step is that you introduce the writing part in their curriculum. As a parent, you might feel difficulty on “how to teach a child to write alphabets?” 

how to teach a child to write alphabets, how to teach alphabet writing to preschoolers
Easy writing tips for kids

Due to this pandemic situation, the children are studying through online classes. Though it is helpful for the primary section and above. I personally feel that it might not work for the preschoolers and the kindergarten. So, I have been started teaching my 3 years old child at home while my elder child attends the online class.

I have started teaching him the colors, shapes, days of the week, months of a year, body parts, numbers, rhymes, and alphabets. Do not teach all the things at a stretch. Then the child does not show interest in learning. Prepare a timetable to teach the kid.  I teach 5 letters along with their sounds per week. If the child gets familiar with these letters, then I do small exercises as letter match, missing letter, and so on. Then I move to the next set of letters.

But when it comes to writing, I feel difficult in teaching to write a letter. I followed a few steps to make the child write a letter easily. Read on the below post to know more about it.


Prewriting Activities for teaching to write the alphabets


Prewriting skill is the fundamentals of writing a letter. These activities help the child in writing the alphabet. The prewriting activities help to strengthen the muscles. There are many ways to strengthen the muscles. Some of the fine motor activities are the scissor paper activity, hand and eye coordination activity, pencil grasping, coloring, and clay modeling.

The scissor paper activity involves the first 3 fingers. So, you ask the kid to cut the paper and ask them to paste the paper into the notebook.

The clay modeling helps to strengthen the muscles. Tell the child to make and rotate the shapes using the clay using only the first 3 fingers.

Coloring is an integral part of writing. Coloring helps in pencil grasping.


Phases on teaching to write the letters


Phase 1: Tracing the patterns.

Before starting to teach the tracing, make sure that your child knows to hold the pencil properly. The first step in writing the alphabet is to start with tracing line patterns. You start the tracing on the plain paper (A4 sheet paper) and when the child practiced well. You can move on trace the patterns within a 4-line notebook. You also make the kids do coloring along with the tracing. As coloring helps in pencil grasping. I have posted the tracing patterns worksheets, download them, and start practicing. Click on the below image to download the tracing worksheets.

how to teach alphabet writing to preschoolers, tracing line patterns, tracing strokes


Phase 2: Tracing the letters

When the child is good at tracing the basic strokes, you can move on to teach tracing the letters. First, start teaching the letters that are made up of line strokes and then teach them the letters that are made up of the curve strokes. Make them write/trace the line strokes tracing of letters such as A, E, F H, I, K, L, M, N, T, V, W, X, Y, and Z and teach the tracing letters using curves and line patterns such as B, C, D, G, J, O, P, Q, R, S, and U. Practice a letter per week. When the child feels comfortable in writing a letter only then teach them the next letters to write.  I have posted the tracing letters worksheets, download them, and start practicing. Click on the below image to download the tracing letters worksheets.


tracing letters


Phase 3: To teach writing the Alphabets

You can teach the child to write the alphabet along with the writing of tracing letters. When the child completes the letter A tracing for a week, you can make the kid write the letter. When the child is practicing the letter A, you can make them write the next line strokes letter such as E. So, you can do these practices parallelly. Else, you can complete the writing of tracing letters and move on to writing the letters.

I have done it parallelly. I have posted the letters writing worksheets, download them, and start practicing. Click on the below image to download the Alphabets worksheets.

abc writing book


 Click the below image to download the letter chart

letter chart


Final Note


I hope the post on “How to teach a kid to write a letter” gives you a better idea to teach writing. Prepare a timetable and start to teach the child. Be consistent in teaching the writing of alphabets. If there is a break, then the child feels difficult to write. 

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