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Free Printable shapes worksheets for class 1

Our free shapes worksheets for Class 1, adorned with vivid illustrations, aids both teachers and parents in introducing young minds to the world of geometric 2D figures and patterns. Perfect for kindergarten and grade 1 students to grasp the foundational concepts of shapes with ease. 
class 1 shapes worksheets

Boasting 8+ files, each packed with 50 exercises enriched by vivid illustrations, our shape worksheet for class 1 collection offers a comprehensive exploration into various topics. Perfect for educators seeking a rich resource to engage and challenge their students effectively. Find the download link for the 1st grade geometry math worksheets at the bottom of this post. Access a treasure trove of exercises and enrich your learning experience!
grade 1 geometry worksheets @momovators
worksheet of shapes for class 1

How can you instruct Grade 1 students about shapes like rectangles, circles, ovals, and triangles?

Teaching basic geometry shapes like rectangles, triangles, circles, ovals, and triangles (repeated) to class1 students requires a mix of hands-on activities, visual aids, relatable examples and shapes and patterns worksheets. Here's a step-by-step guide to introduce these shapes to grade 1 students:

grade 1 shapes worksheets @momovators
shapes for class 1 worksheet

Visual Introduction

  • Start with large, colourful pictures of each 2D shape. You can use flash cards for this.
  • Place them one by one on the board, saying the name of each shape out loud and having the students repeat after you.
  • Ask the student to trace the shape with their finger. Once finished, they should excitedly call out the shape's name.
grade 1 geometry draw basic 2d shapes @momovators

Real-Life Examples

  • Ask the kids to bring in everyday items that match each shape: a clock/ bangle(circle), a door/  box (rectangle), a slice of pizza (triangle), and a mirror/ toy egg (oval).
  • Ask students if they can identify other items in the classroom or their homes that resemble these 2D shapes.
shapes class 1 worksheet free printable @momovators
shapes class 1 worksheet free pdf file

Hands-on Activities

  • Shape Sorting: Provide a mixed basket of shapes and have students sort them into designated areas. It will be fun for them to sort the shapes such as rectangle, square, triangle, oval, and circle.
  • Play-dough Shapes: Allow students to use play-dough to create the shapes. This also enhance their creative skills.
  • Drawing & Tracing: Offer dotted outlines of shapes for class 1 students to trace. Gradually, have them try drawing the shapes on their own.
class 1 shapes worksheet pdf free @momovators
class 1 shapes worksheet

Physical Activity

  • Shape Maze Challenge: Students stand ready for an exciting shape maze game. With shapes scattered randomly on the floor, children must hop onto specific figures, like triangles, to navigate their way to the designated area 
  • Shape Walk: Go for a walk around the school or playground, identifying shapes in the environment.

Comparative Learning

  • Discuss the differences and similarities between shapes. For instance, "How is a circle different from an oval?" and " How the rectangle differs from the square?"
  • This method of learning allows the child to understand and differentiate shapes more effectively.

class 1 shapes and patterns worksheets pdf @momovators
shapes and patterns worksheets for class 1

Craft activity

Shape Collage: Organize simple crafts like making shape collages, where students cut out magazine pictures of items that are specific shapes and paste them on a large paper shape. They can assemble images of houses, tables, and other items using these paper cut outs.

grade 1 matching shapes with answers pdf @momovators
class 1 matching basic 2d shapes pdf

Utilizing Worksheets

These shapes and pattern worksheets are provided in a straightforward PDF format. Below are sample images representing the content within the PDF.

Breakdown of Our shape worksheets for class 1 Features

There are a total of nine pattern worksheets for class 1, each accompanied by its answers. While each worksheet is available for individual download, they have also been consolidated into a single file for ease of download. 

All worksheets come with their respective answers. They can be downloaded individually or as a combined file for convenience. Each worksheet is designed with a unique activity to enhance shape recognition and understanding skills.

Worksheet 1: Shape Maze

This worksheet is an activity where a butterfly navigates a maze. To reach the flower garden, the butterfly must follow the path shaped like rectangles.

grade 1 shape maze worksheets @momovators

Worksheet 2: Shape Properties

In this worksheet, children need to color various shapes, including rectangles, squares, triangles, circles, and ovals. They will then write the number of corners and sides for each shape.

shape properties class 1 pdf @momovators
shape properties

Worksheet 3: Count and Color the Shapes

An image on this worksheet consists of various shapes. The children are required to count each shape, write the number, and color each shape using a different color.

class 1 count and colour shapes pdf @momovators
count and color shapes class 1

Worksheet 4: Lines in Letters and Shapes

This worksheet has children identifying which letters and shapes are formed using straight lines, curved lines, or both.

class 1 geometry cbse class 1 @momovators
2d shapes class 1

Worksheet 5: Patterns and Drawing

This pattern worksheet for class 1 focuses on patterns. Children will be given a series of patterns to colour, and they will also be asked to draw the next pattern in the sequence. This pattern worksheet for class 1 enhance the child's critical thinking. Additionally, there's a step-by-step guide to drawing a house using different shapes. The child will follow these steps to draw the house.

grade 1 patterns worksheets pdf @momovators
class 1 patterns worksheets pdf

Shape worksheet 6: Shape Puzzle

Hints are provided on this worksheet, and children must determine the shape based on the given clues.

printable 2d shapes pdf @momovators
printable 2d shapes class 1 pdf 

Worksheet 7: Shape Quiz

This worksheet tests the child's knowledge of shapes with a 15-question quiz.

class 1 shapes quiz pdf free @momovators
class 1 shapes quiz

Worksheet 8: Identify and Color Similar Shapes

Children need to identify shapes that look alike and then color them.

free printable class 1 match shapes with objects @momovators
class 1 match shapes with objects

Shape worksheet 9: Shape Matching Exercise

This worksheet requires the child to match corresponding shapes.

2d shape matching class 1 pdf @momovators
grade 1 2d shape matching pdf

Download link for worksheet on shapes for class 1

Below are the download links for the nine individual grade 1 basic shapes geometry math school worksheets, as well as the combined file of all the merged worksheets.

In conclusion, these grade 1 geometry worksheets are compatible with CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, and international board curriculums. These carefully curated shapes worksheets for class 1 offer a wealth of resources to enrich learning experiences. Available for free download, we invite everyone to take advantage of these materials and stay connected with "Momovators" for more insightful content. 

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