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Skip counting by 2 worksheets PDF 

Introducing numbers to kids is a special journey, and skip counting by 2s is one of its magical milestones. One of the fondest memories I have of introducing my little ones to the world of numbers is skip counting. Here's how our Skip Counting by 2 worksheets brought numbers to life! Scroll further to access the link and download the count by 2 worksheet for free.
counting in 2's worksheet @momovators
counting in 2s pdf

Foundations of Skip Counting by 2 🧱

Skip counting is not just about numbers; it's about patterns, rhythms, and understanding the world in increments. And when you start with the number 2, it sets the stage for more advanced math concepts. It lays the foundation for fundamental operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and even division. You can refer teach the skip counting with many hands-on activities. 

Why Start with counting by 2's worksheets? 🤔

Counting by 2's is everywhere! From a pair of shoes to the two eyes on our heads, the world naturally introduces this number to kids. When you tie the concept to familiar surroundings, it simplifies understanding for the child, making the idea more accessible and relatable.

The Role of counting in 2s worksheets in Learning 📝

Skip Counting by 2's worksheets provide a structured platform for kids. They offer a mix of visual cues and hands-on practice, which cements the concept. For us, worksheets turned abstract numbers into colourful, tangible and fun.

How I Taught My Kids Skip Counting by 2 🌟

Navigating the world of numbers with my kids has been an enlightening experience. Here's the strategy that worked wonders for us:

counting in 2s using number line @momovators

Teaching My Kids Skip Counting: A Hands-On Approach

Activity 1: Floor Tile Hopping

  • Begin with a space that has floor tiles.
  • Instruct your child to stand on one tile.
  • Explain the concept: they should jump and "skip" the next tile, landing on the subsequent one.
  • Watch as they enjoy hopping from one tile to another, effectively visualizing the concept of counting by twos!

Activity 2: Musical Chairs with a Twist

  • Arrange several chairs in a line or a circle.
  • Have your child start by sitting on one chair.
  • Instruct them that on hearing a clap, they should move to the next chair, but always "skip" one and sit on the following chair.
  • Clap and watch as they playfully jump from chair to chair, again reinforcing the idea of counting by twos.
counting in 2s for grade 1 @momovators
Grade 1 Skip count 2 free pdf

Activity 3: Circular Cardboard Counter

  • Take a sturdy piece of cardboard and cut it into a circle.
  • Write numbers from 0 to 10 evenly spaced around the circumference.
  • Place paper pins next to each number.
  • Give your child a thread and instruct them to connect the pins by tying the thread, always skipping one number in between.
  • As they move the thread from one pin to another, skipping one in between, they get a tangible feel of the pattern of counting by twos.
Each of these activities offers a unique, tactile experience for kids, making learning not just informative, but also incredibly fun!

Interactive Worksheets: More than Just Paper 🎨

We started with interactive worksheets that included number lines, pictures, and blank spaces. Filling them out became a fun game, and each completed sheet was celebrated!

Daily Life Examples 🥾👟

Two socks, two shoes, two eyes – daily life was full of examples! This helped in reinforcing the concept as they could relate counting by 2s to things they saw every day.

Song and Dance Routines 🎵💃

Numbers can be musical! We created catchy tunes that followed the pattern of skip counting by 2. Dancing to these rhythms made learning playful and memorable.

skip counting by 2 pdf free @momovators
Count by 2 pdf free

FAQs: Skip Counting Adventures with My Kids ❓

Q: How long did it take for them to master it?

A: Consistency was key. With daily practice, fun activities, and the right worksheets, it took them a few weeks to get comfortably fluent.

Q: Did they only learn through worksheets?

A: While counting by 2's worksheets were our primary tool, integrating daily life examples and musical routines enriched the learning experience.

Q: What's next after counting by 2s?

A: We progressed to skip counting by 5s and 10s. The foundation set by 2s made these transitions smoother.

Download Link 

Click the link below to download our comprehensive, high-quality worksheets.


Our skip counting by 2 worksheets serve as an invaluable tool in fostering a foundational understanding of mathematics. Through structured repetition and engaging exercises, they help children grasp the rhythm and logic behind counting by twos. You can use this skip counting by 2 worksheets for kindergarten and Grade 1 children. Download the complete "Counting by 2" worksheet PDF at no cost. 

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