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How to teach days of the week to kindergarten in a fun way?

Are you wondering "how to teach days of the week to your kindergarten child"? Today, I am going to share the easy ways which worked for me. I will share with you how I taught the days of the week to my 3-year-old kid. 

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You can draw the day of the week as in the above picture. So, that the child can understand the sequence of the days. The above picture also helps to teach the yesterday, today, and tomorrow concept.

It is very important to teach the days of the week for preschoolers and kindergarten children. This helps the kids to understand the importance of time. The kindergarten kids can able to learn the days of the week easily but the preschoolers would take some time to learn it.

What are the different ways to teach days of the week to kindergarten?

There are 5 simple and proven methods to teach the day of the week for preschoolers. Teaching the days of the week to children can be fun and easy with the below methods. At the age of 3, the child comprehends things easily with the fun activities. 

1. Teaching through the songs

It is a great way to start teaching the new concept through rhymes. You can sing the days of week rhymes daily along with your little one. You can also sing the name of the days with your child's favorite tune/song. Learning becomes easier when they learn the things in their way.

2. 1-minute teaching routine

You have to make it a routine with your child. You can sing the days of week song daily for 1 min at 5-6 intervals. So, take 1 min to teach the days of the week. For eg, when the child woke up, you can sing as "oooh oooh oooh you woke up happily in this day and the day is Monday". 

The other eg, you can sing the 1min days of week song while they brush their teeth. It is just 1-minute teaching. But, the repetition makes the child learn this soon. I follow this method and it was very effective. 

Try to relate the day with their daily activities. The child might get bored if you teach them continuously. You can sing a song 4 to 5 times per day is more than enough. 

3. Include the teaching in your daily conversations

The concept of what was yesterday, what is today, and what will be tomorrow is quite tricky for the kids. The child might feel difficult to understand this in the beginning. But they can learn this concept easier when you ask the questions related the yesterday and tomorrow.

For eg, You can ask the child as "Do you remember what I have given for lunch yesterday?", "Do you know tomorrow is our outing day?". The child can say yes or no to the question but they cannot say what is that day?. So, you have to tell the child as" we went to the park yesterday. But I forgot what day was yesterday?"  Oooh I got it. Today is Monday. So, yesterday was Sunday. Oh! Mumma got the answer.

Instead of teaching them as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday which might be quite boring for them. You can teach through regular activities. Repetition is key. So, do it daily and include it in your daily conversation.

4. Teach through Action

As you all a proverb "Action speaks louder than voice". This actually works for the kids. When you teach with actions, the child can learn faster.

You show some actions for each day of the week. When you do that action, the child can easily recognize the day. The child can learn fast when the teaching is done visually.

For eg, you show the action like playing, then the child can understand that day is Sunday. 

5. Teach days of the week through worksheets

You can prepare the worksheets for teaching on the days of the week. The writing helps them to recognize the words. It also helps them to learn the spelling of the days.

I will post the worksheets which I have used for my kids. It includes the pictures and matches the day activity, missing letters on the days, what day comes in between, fill in the blanks activity.

How to teach the spellings of the days of the week?

The children learn the spellings of the day of the week when they are in upper kindergarten. Instead of telling the child to write the spellings 10 times, follow this method of teaching.

You all know about phonics (sounds of the letters). I taught the names of the days using the phonics method. Make sure that the child knows the sounds of the letter before following this method.

First, teach the d and ay sounds. The ay sounds 'A'(name of the letter a) and d sounds 'da'. Now the child can learn the spelling of day. The child would have mastered the spelling of day. Now divide the words into 2 parts and ask them to read aloud as 'MONDAY', 'TUESDAY', 'WEDNESDAY', 'THURSDAY', 'FRIDAY', 'SATURDAY' and 'SUNDAY'.

Now teach the sounds of  'ue', 'ur', 'on', and 'un' sounds. Now teach the 'Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri, and Satur'. 

Now the blend it with other letters. For eg, Tuesday=> Tuesday, each color of the letter represents each sound.

Final Note

Repetition is very important for learning. So, ask your little one repeatedly which day is today, what will be tomorrow, and gradually they will learn the days of the week. 

I hope the post on "How to teach days of the week to kindergarten" would be useful to you. I will try to upload the days of week worksheets on the worksheet website soon. You can click on the below links to know different activities and worksheets ideas for the kids.

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