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 Are you applied for the WhiteHat Jr teacher selection process? Are you done with your demo1 or demo2 or demo3 round at the recruitment process?  Even though you are at the final round of the earlier recruitment process, you need to attend the WhiteHat coding test. The new hiring process of WhiteHat updated selection process has 3 steps. Read on the new selection process:

  • Telephonic interview 
  • Coding test
  • Demo round 

Telephonic interview

You can apply for the job by clicking this  WhiteHat Teacher Recruitment Application link. The WhiteHat recruiter team asks about your personal and professional details such as
  • Name
  • Educational qualification
  • Prior teaching experience (if any, not mandatory)
  • Prior work experience (if any, not mandatory)
  • Prior coding experience(must)
  • Technical requirement(laptop and broadband connection)

Coding Test

After the telephonic interview, the HR team will send you a scheduled mail for your coding test level. The coding test has 5 questions for 45 minutes time duration. The mode of the test is online. Each question carries 100 marks. So, the total mark is 500. The teacher selection process is as follows.

Your Scored Marks


Below 100 Marks

Rejected on spot

Between 100 to 250 marks

Kept on hold

Above 250 marks

Selected for the next level

You can select any computer language except CSS, HTML, and SQL to attend this test. Prepare the basic coding question such as the Fibonacci series, string manipulation, the factor of the giver number, factorial problem, palindrome problem, prime or composite number, even or odd number, Armstrong number, and so on. Even though you don't know some questions, try to answer all the questions.

Demo Round

Based on the marks you scored on the Coding Test Level, you will be selected to teach for the Beginner/Intermediate/Professional/ Applied Tech. You will receive a mail from their HR team which has a sample demo video, a link to a PDF(which you have to teach the interviewer), and a link to attend the interview. You have to prepare the PDF well and consider the interviewer as a kid and teach them. will be provided to you. The key points and tricks to crack the demo round are:

  • Prepare the PDF well (Practice Practice Practice)
  • Focus on your pronunciation and presentation skill
  • Focus on your voice modulation
  • Be Confident and Energetic till the end of your section
  • Follow the sequence ( They will mail the sequence PDF separately. Go with the sequence)
  •  Prepare the technical words, extra code related to the PDF.
  • Prepare the Wrap-Up part well. ( 50% mark is for the wrap-up part)
  • Have an interactive session with the kid
  • In the wrap-up part, explain the course curriculum details with the parent in an interactive way. 

The WhiteHat Jr teacher's new selection process is updated to select the best teachers for their WhiteHat students. You have to be strong in logical thinking to crack the Coding Test. They check your logical thinking skill, not coding proficiency. If you know the logic to solve a problem, you can easily write a code for it. You can use any programming language to attend the coding test except HTML, CSS, and SQL. If you any queries, kindly comment below. I will help you to give more information on the updated WhiteHat teacher recruitment process.
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